Petition Signers Invited to Discuss Diversity Issues with College President

Recently, an informal petition was circulated regarding a concern about lack of diversity in senior management at Selkirk College. The petition was started in response to the recent hiring of a Vice-President of Education in May.

The petition hoped to bring about an employment equity policy at Selkirk College and was to be presented to the Board of Governors last Tuesday, however the board chair, Sharel Wallace, said, “The Board has not received the petition. We have heard rumours of a petition, but no one has presented it to the Board.”

The Sentinel’s editor, Whitney Rothwell attended the public portion of the Board of Governors meeting and the petition was not presented during that time. 

When asked in an email about the petition, Lui Marinelli, President of the Selkirk College Faculty Association said “I honestly don’t know what exactly happened at the board meeting.” and adds that, “The SCFA supports equity hiring practices and the executive will be promoting this concept at labour management meetings. Currently there isn’t an equity hiring policy to help guide the college.”

In an interview last week, Angus Graeme, Selkirk College president, told the Sentinel, “under our governance model, the Board is not charged with hiring processes or the recruitment of anyone other than me, so they would look at it as a policy issue for me to deal with.” adding that it’s not a Board of Governor’s issue. Graeme also said that he prefers people come to his office to address this type of concern saying, “I’m pretty approachable. If it’s a concern and the group (petition signers) wants to come en masse into my office, by all means, I’m not afraid of that.”

The petition has since been taken offline.