Student Union Directors Discuss Troubling Rumors

| Chantelle Spicer | At its January 8 Executive Committee meeting of the Selkirk College Students’ Union, directors discussed potential attempts to undermine its work by outside organisations who oppose to its current tuition fee freeze campaign and its stance on the Canadian Federation of Students. This includes spreading misinformation about elected directors and staff of the organisation.

Samson Conner-Boyer, Director at-Large of the SCSU states that this does not affect the work or goals of the organisation.

“Fighting for a freeze on tuition is the central goal of the Students’ Union. Though we do take these threats seriously and are vigilant for actions like this against the organisation, we will continue to support access to education and commitment to solidarity between students and workers.”

Conner-Boyer was disheartened to hear of such actions against the SCSU, stating working in solidarity with coalition partners like the labour movement makes the student movement stronger.

The SCSU’s current campaign “Put Tuition on Ice” seeks to affect affordability of education through a tuition fee freeze that could be passed as a motion by the Board of Governors in an upcoming meeting on January 22.