Release of the 11th Annual Report Card on Homelessness for Nelson, BC

The Nelson Committee on Homelessness’s (NCOH’s) Annual Report Card tracks community indicators and trends impacting homelessness and poverty and the work being done in the community to address these issues.  These will be reported, and panelists from community services will share information on the housing and support needs they see as a priority for the community.

This year’s focus is on the need for affordable rental housing for the community and for supportive housing options for the most vulnerable in our community.  NCOH is now operating under a new federal homelessness program, Reaching Home, and the event will highlight the changes that will be worked on towards a more coordinated approach among services, institutions and Ministries to improve access to services for the most vulnerable and chronically homeless to help improve their chances of moving from homelessness to home and establishing more healthy lives, included in community.

Key to this will be the provision of supportive housing, now being funded through BC Housing. Also highlighted will be the growing needs among at-risk and homeless youth in Nelson, the solutions seen by community services, and the need for second stage housing for women and children fleeing violence in our community.

An affordable home was defined as no more than 30 percent of income on housing costs, and the purchase price was no more than three times the annual household income. However, local support agencies in Nelson and Tasman showcase the pressures faced by community members, many of whom report 50 to 70 percent of their weekly income on rent or a mortgage, leaving some families with less than $200 a week for other expenses. |

The community is invited to the release of the 11th Annual Report Card on Homelessness in Nelson BC on Monday, June 24 at 12 noon at the Adventure Hotel Ballroom (parking lot entrance off of Hall Street.)

| Ann Harvey, Community Coordinator, NCOH, contributor |