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‘Climate Reality’ at Selkirk College in Nelson

| Chantelle Spicer, Editor |On November 21, more than 20,000 climate advocates will be speaking around the world as part of the Climate Reality Project. For one full day, Climate Reality Leader volunteers trained by former US Vice President Al Gore will hold public presentations and conversations on our changing climate across continents and time […]


Reflecting on the Climate Strike: What Happens Now?

| Chantelle Spicer, Editor | It has been just over a month since the global climate strike on September 27th. It was reported that approximately 800,000 people across Canada stood up and called out for action on climate change that day. Though the majority of attendees turned out in Vancouver and Montreal, strikes occurred in […]


Global Warming Affects Students – How Can We Have an Effect?

| M.K.R. Alexander, Contributor |Anomalies in the earth’s average temperature and its escalation are a result of human-influenced global warming. The ozone layer keeps earth cozy, helping to regulate the living system to perpetuate; however, adverse effects emerge due to industries and pollutions. This human activity has exceeded the Co2 threshold where now it fundamentally […]

Students Support WFP Workers on Strike

The Selkirk College Students’ Union recently sent a letter to support for workers of Western Forest Products. Nearly 3,000 Western Forest Products employees and contracted workers at six Vancouver Island manufacturing plants and timberlands around the coast have been on strike since July 1. Members working for Western Forest Products (WFP) voted overwhelmingly (98.8% percent) […]

BC Budget Consultation Report Released

On August 7, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services related their report compiled from the Budget 2020 consultation process. This consultation presents a unique opportunity for British Columbians to directly engage with a committee of Members of the Legislative Assembly on the issues that matter most to them. Many student groups across […]

International Students Fees for BC MSP on the Rise

On August 1, the BC Government announced that, despite MSP premiums being eliminated as of Jan. 1, 2020, international students will continue to contribute to BC health care coverage. Under the updated system, effective Sept. 1, 2019, all international K-12 and post-secondary students will pay a monthly health-care coverage fee of $37.50. On January 1, […]


The Fight Against Fees: A Look Back on a Year of Student Activism

Part Two: Building Campaigns and Solidarity | Chantelle Spicer |Following years of governmental neglect, mismanagement, and under-funding in post-secondary, students across the province are organising to fight back against ever-increasing fees. In the previous section, we discussed what brings students on campus to this fight and how we see our current educational culture. But how […]


Understanding Community Through History

Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre | Chantelle Spicer | Summer vacations in the Kootenay region for me involve the normal activities of swimming (in the Slocan!), walking, reading at the waterside, and too much eating. As a newcomer to the Kootenays, it also includes getting to know the personalities and unique histories of the region. […]