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Six Months Later: No Access Without Consent

Six months Later: Wet’sewet’en and Unist’ot’en Check-in Six months ago, allies and Indigenous communities around the world raised up the voices and actions of the Wet’sewet’en National as they defended their sovereignty and traditional territories. Following approval of a Coastal GasLink pipeline project by the BC government in Novemeber 2018, members of the Nation stood […]


“Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way”

Book Review This book functions as a display of what collectivity, accountability, and resilience mean for Indigenous communities and allies. Created with a Sinixt mother-and-daughter team at the forefront of the Blood of Life Collective, Marilyn James and Taress Alexis have followed in the footsteps of the late Elders Eva Orr and Alvina Lum to […]

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Columbia River Treaty Negotiations: Communities, Observer Status, & Meaningful Consultation?

The contemporary history of the Kootenay region has been defined and transformed by development – both on the rivers and along side them. Though the dams are highly visible infrastructures on our landscapes, the stories of the people are less visible but their impacts are just as strong. With renegotiations of the Columbia River Treaty […]

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Looking at Legislation

The past month has seen labour issues present in the news cycle in ways many haven’t observed in decades as BC puts forward revisions to the Labour Code and Employment Standards Act. From raising the minimum working age to 16 to protection against contract flipping the proposals promise to help restore fairness to a wide […]


Studio Arts Students Win Right to Carry on Their Education

Acknowledging the vitality of the arts community in the Kootenays, Selkirk College offers various educational pathways in a variety of arts. This includes Kootenay Studio Arts (KSA) Certificate and Diploma programs that features pathways in Jewelry, Textiles, Ceramics or Sculptural Metal and enhancement of other creative skills with course offerings in academic, digital media and […]

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HWW: Renee Jackson-Harper

Building communities, allies, and partnerships is an important part of post-secondary and life generally. We welcome you to get to know the members of our Selkirk College community! What drove you to become a professor? I guess the quick answer is that I love the conversations about ideas that happen within classrooms. I got my […]


Organising Together: Canroots 2019

| Chantelle Spicer | Organisers from labour, the environmental movement, tenants’ rights, and youth advocates gathered together in Vancouver on April 13 & 14 for a conference to reflect on challenges and victories over the previous year and make plans moving forward. The event, Canroots West 2019: Together We Win put on by Organize BC, […]


A Timely Reflection

Book Review: White Fang | Chantelle Spicer | With the end of term comes the ability to read for pleasure again. There is nothing more pleasurable and comfortinf for me than returning to some of my favourite literature from childhood. First on the list this spring was White Fang by Jack London. I loved this book so much as a child for it’s great story about a wolf; […]

A More “Open” Post-Secondary Experience

| Chantelle Spicer | Advocates of open education gathered together at the Cascadia Open Education Summit in Vancouver April 17-18. Open education resources are freely available, downloadable, and shareable. In many cases, they are also reusable, adaptable learning resources that are made accessible via the internet. However, the conversation moved well beyond the resources themselves […]