Students’ Union general meeting scheduled for November 30

| B:y Cohen Dyer |

The Selkirk College Students’ Union has scheduled a general meeting for November 30, say Students’ Union representatives. Notice for the meeting is posted on all campuses. The meeting was scheduled by the Students’ Union’s Executive Committee to be prior to the exam period to increase attendance. While the meeting is scheduled to take place on the Castlegar campus, students from other campuses are eligible to receive travel assistance by contacting the Students’ Union.

The meeting will require a minimum number of participants in order to pass motions. One motion is being presented by the Executive Committee for funding outreach projects. Whether the meeting has high enough attendance to deal with this business or not, the attendees will still hear from Students’ Union Executive Committee members about the organisation’s finances and work over the previous year.

The meeting will include free food for all attendees.


Selkirk College Students’ Union launches book

CASTLEGAR — The Selkirk College Students’ Union has launched a manual for students’ union organizers.

The Fundamentals of Students’ Unionism provides student activists and organizers with a framework to understand students’ unionism and the student movement.

“Students are more in debt now than ever in the history of British Columbia and Canada,” said Santanna Hernandez, Chairperson of the Selkirk College Students’ Union. “This book is part of our effort to inspire student organizing for lower tuition fees and increased education funding.”

Tuition fees are at an all-time high in British Columbia. The Selkirk College Students’ Union advocates for affordable and accessible post-secondary education. As a relatively small students’ union in a rural area, the Selkirk College Students’ Union relies on the solidarity of other students’ unions and umbrella student organizations to have an impact on government policy. Releasing The Fundamentals of Students’ Unionism is part of the Students’ Union’s contribution to this community of solidarity.

The book was authored by Zachary Crispin, Executive Director of the Selkirk College Students’ Union. Crispin is a long-time student organizer who has served as an elected student leader and students’ union staff person. Crispin shares his knowledge and experience with successful campaign planning, student-worker solidarity, and students’ union administration.

“The Fundamentals of Students’ Unionism provides tools for everyone from new student activists to long-time students’ union staff,” said Hernandez. “Everyone fighting for better post-secondary education can get something out of this book.”

The Selkirk College Students’ Union represents over 2,000 students at Selkirk College.

Source: www.rosslandnews.com