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Thousands Stand in Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders

Today marked an international day of action and solidarity with the Unist’ot’en Camp and Gidimt’en Checkpoint. Over 67 international events from Vancouver to London took place on January 8 with more scheduled for the rest of the…
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Words on Work

A Fresh Start and a Look Back | Chantelle Spicer | Welcome to Words on Work! Through this column, I invite our readership to consider the workforce and ourselves as workers in new ways. There have been significant changes in the workforce…

“Justice” is Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year

What did this mean in 2018? | Chantelle Spicer | Editor at-Large of the online dictionary, Peter Sokolowski, states that the word “justice” is the 2018 ord of the year, having regularly appeared in the top 20 loo- ups of 2018. The online…

Poetry as Revolution

"Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness." ~Alice Walker A major challenge in starting and maintaining social movements—political, environmental, humanitarian, or any combination thereof—is…

Petition Signers Invited to Discuss Diversity Issues with College President

Recently, an informal petition was circulated regarding a concern about lack of diversity in senior management at Selkirk College. The petition was started in response to the recent hiring of a Vice-President of Education in May. The petition…

Nouns are Slowing Down our Speech, Study Finds

| Whitney Rothwell | New research has found that nouns cause us to hesitate or pause when speaking more often than other articles of speech such as verbs.

Recent Hiring at Selkirk College Sparks Online Petition

| Whitney Rothwell | An informal group of Selkirk College faculty, alumni, retirees and community members started a petition this week.

Beavers Help Clean Rivers and Mitigate Soil Loss

| Whitney Rothwell | Study finds Beavers could help clean polluted rivers.