Photography by Jeremy Addington

FEATURE: Kootenay Studio Arts – Textiles

Textile students prepare for upcoming Year End Show & Sale

Kootenay Studio Arts (KSA) at Selkirk College’s Victoria Street campus will be putting on it’s annual Year End Show and Sale on June 22nd and 23rd this year.

The Sentinel asked Textiles Instructor, Marilyn Lee to explain the event,

“The year end show and sale is a fantastic venue for the community to come and support our upcoming artisans working in various mediums: Textiles, Jewelry, Ceramics and Metal. Our 10 month certificate program and our 2 year diploma program have given our graduates a well rounded and comprehensive education that will launch them into whatever future endeavours they may choose. Some students go on to be working practicing artists selling their work through various retail shows, markets and stores, while others may go on to further their education. The year end show gives the students a wonderful opportunity to sell their work in a professional manner in a retail show like environment. Each student sets up their own booth, accepts payment and markets themselves under their own name or brand. I urge everyone to come support and celebrate all their hard work. They are our future makers, entrepreneurs and educators.”

Last week, the Selkirk Sentinel visited the textiles studio at KSA in Nelson. We chatted with students about what it means to be an art student, the textiles program, and the upcoming year end show and sale.

Jess Stacey

“My work is mainly informed by plants”

Jess Stacey says her experience at KSA has been very hands-on and that she has been exposed to a wide variety of techniques while studying there.

When asked about her art, Jess tells the Sentinel, “My work is mainly informed by plants and that probably has to do with my experience as a horticulturalist before I came here. Most of the materials I use are natural materials and plant dyes.”

Screen Printing – Jess Stacey

Cat Collar – Emma-Sky


“I was self-taught. I came to Selkirk to push what I knew further.”

Emma-Sky is a self taught textile artist who attended KSA looking to get a hands-on learning experience using the tools and knowledge available at the Victoria Street campus.

We asked her what she’s preparing for the Year End Show, “My production line, it’s a zero-waste lunch kit. It’s all natural dyes and unbleached cotton. So there’ll be the lunch kit, some beeswax wraps, some reusable grocery bags, and bulk bags and stuff like that.”

Hildur Jonasson

“There is an interconnectedness with people to each other and people to the earth. We are one symbiotic existence.”

Hildur Jonasson is a textiles artist attending a self directed study at KSA this year. She has been exploring and investigating techniques for a project that will be exhibited at the Kootenay Gallery of Art in March 2019.

“It’s called Fata Morgana, which is like a super mirage. It’s, of course, inspired by nature, but from a Nordic, Northern perspective, to do with glaciers and the higher arctic,” Hildur says of her project.

Indigo Silk – Hildur Jonasson

Watch for features of other KSA studios leading up to their Year End Show and Sale.