Photography by Jeremy Addington

FEATURE: Kootenay Studio Arts – Jewelry

Jewelry students prepare for upcoming Year End Show & Sale

Kootenay Studio Arts (KSA) at Selkirk College’s Victoria Street campus will be putting on it’s annual Year End Show and Sale on June 22nd and 23rd this year.

The Sentinel asked Jewelry Instructor, Krista Patterson about the event,

“I always look forward to seeing the year end exhibition and sale; it is very exciting to see all of the students efforts over the last 10 months come to fruition, from the work itself, to their booth displays and marketing materials. It is always very different to see the work in this professional setting instead of in the studio – it really highlights each student’s individual potential, giving them an opportunity to showcase their work directly to the public.”

Last week, the Selkirk Sentinel visited the jewelry studio at KSA in Nelson. We chatted with students about what it means to be an art student, the jewelry program, and the upcoming year end show and sale.

Vanessa Carrington

“Take the time to appreciate everything that is handmade.”

Vanessa Carrington says her experience at KSA has given her the technical tools to pursue jewellery design.

When asked about the year end show, she told the Sentinel, “it’s really important to support students and take the time to appreciate that everything is handmade and to ask questions of the students.”

Jessica Van Rhijn

“The world is at your disposal and there are endless possibilities”

Jessica Van-Rhijn believes that as an artist, the entire world is at your disposal and that if you can think of it, and it’s physically possible, you can do it.

When asked about what she’s learned in the KSA Jewellery program, Jessica told the Sentinel, “I’ve started paying a lot more attention to things like precision, and detail,  whereas previously I was very flexible with how my work turned out.”

Tyler Freele

“Everyone has been in the studio working very hard full time in preparation for the show”

Tyler Freele is a multimedia artist who has created paintings and music before studying jewellery making at KSA.

Like all the students at KSA, he is creating a production line to market at the year end show and sale, “A lot of my production line is based off of long journeys through nature and the introspection that comes with it.”

Sterling Silver Ring – Alana Lacy

Photography by Jeremy Addington

Alana Lacy

“This is the first time I’ve ever really explored my artistry.”

Alana Lacy grew up dabbling in painting, but hadn’t taken the chance to learn about art in a professional manner until coming to KSA.

When asked about how the jewelry program has influenced her, Alana told the Sentinel, “It’s given me a lot of confidence, a lot of tools to support my growth and development, and a lot of inspiration from the talented people around me. That’s what I’m drawing on and learning from.“

Check out the hard work of all the KSA students at the Year End Show and Sale.