"Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way"

Book Review This book functions as a display of what collectivity, accountability, and resilience mean for Indigenous communities and allies. Created with a Sinixt mother-and-daughter team at the forefront of the Blood of Life Collective,…

Studio Arts Students Win Right to Carry on Their Education

Acknowledging the vitality of the arts community in the Kootenays, Selkirk College offers various educational pathways in a variety of arts. This includes Kootenay Studio Arts (KSA) Certificate and Diploma programs that features pathways in…

A Timely Reflection

Book Review: White Fang | Chantelle Spicer | With the end of term comes the ability to read for pleasure again. There is nothing more pleasurable and comfortinf for me than returning to some of my favourite literature from childhood.…

What to Read for Reading Week

| Chantelle Spicer | Spring Break within popular culture has often come to mean parties in the sun, probably too much drinking, and exotic locales, but the reality for many college and university students is a week of time dedicated to study,…
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Podcast Playlist

| Chantelle Spier | Over the last 10 years, podcasts have increasingly become the way we obtain news, share ideas, and explore concepts. Though radio itself seems to be on its way out in many regions, podcasts have spawned new independent broadcasting…

Poetry as Revolution

"Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness." ~Alice Walker A major challenge in starting and maintaining social movements—political, environmental, humanitarian, or any combination thereof—is…


  Waterway I saw you and called you a waterway, Must be navigable, the definition says. You look so still, sealed over with shocking lime duckweed, hiding your small surface. What navigates you? The ducks kick through…
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FEATURE: Kootenay Studio Arts - Jewelry

Kootenay Studio Arts (KSA) at Selkirk College’s Victoria Street campus will be putting on it’s annual Year End Show and Sale on June 22nd and 23rd this year.