News From Your Students’ Union

Students Support WFP Workers on Strike

The Selkirk College Students' Union recently sent a letter to support for workers of Western Forest Products. Nearly 3,000 Western Forest Products employees and contracted workers at six Vancouver Island manufacturing plants and timberlands…

Students’ Union Announces Executive Director Stepping Down

| Rebekkah Ankenmann |After nearly five years as Executive Director, Zachary Crispin is stepping down from the Selkirk College Students’ Union. The Students’ Union’s Executive Committee made the announcement at its most recent meeting…

Students Demand Tuition Fee Freeze

At an upcoming meeting, the Selkirk College Board of Governors will be making a decision regarding a 2% increase to Canadian student tuition fees. Since 2001, decisions by this body have led to increases in tuition every year. As these fees…

Student Union Directors Discuss Troubling Rumors

| Chantelle Spicer | At its January 8 Executive Committee meeting of the Selkirk College Students' Union, directors discussed potential attempts to undermine its work by outside organisations who oppose to its current tuition fee freeze campaign…

Canadian Federation of Students Approves Motion to Expel BC Member Unions

| Whitney Rothwell | The National Executive of the Canadian Federation of Students voted to initiate the expulsion of BC students’ unions.

Canadian Federation of Students meeting unproductive, Selkirk membership conflict continues

| Cohen Dyer | The Canadian Federation of Students voted to keep Selkirk College Students’ Union in its membership.

Students' Union general meeting scheduled for November 30

| Cohen Dyer | The SCSU has scheduled a general meeting for November 30th, 2017.

Selkirk College Students’ Union launches book

The Selkirk College Students’ Union has launched a manual for students’ union organizers.

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