Submission Guidelines

The Selkirk College Students’ Union [SCSU] has relaunched its students’ newspaper, the Selkirk Sentinel. The newspaper exists as a means to publish and share issues that are important to students.

All Selkirk College Students’ Union members, and our coalition partners, may submit work for publication. There is no guarantee that all submissions will be published. Acceptable content includes, but is not limited to: interviews, articles, essays, op-eds, poetry, comics, and artwork. The Selkirk Sentinel is especially interested in student research/opinion on all student issues. Currently we are interested in covering tuition fees, affordable student housing, transit reforms, etc.

All published content must be in keeping with the SCSU’s constitution and bylaws. In short, all SCSU work, and publications such as the Selkirk Sentinel, shall be democratic, serve and unite the student membership, respects the rights of all peoples, and promote accessible education for all peoples. For example, content that is hate speech would not meet the criteria for publication.

Work must be submitted by the 2nd last Monday of the month. Submissions must be approved by the editorial staff, steering committee, or Executive Committee of the SCSU where appropriate.

All published contributors will be paid $20 per accepted submission. 

For more information please contact